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Unified Communications for your Business

Simplified Experience: One Point of Contact, One Bill, One Platform delivering increased flexibility, low maintenance, simplification and advanced features. 

We’ve been communicating by phone for more than 40 years. It remains the go-to communications method in the workplace. The average business phone system has a lifespan of only six to eight years. After that, the system is either out of maintenance or lagging in features, often to the detriment of the business. You may already realize it’s time to upgrade but find the process of researching and selecting a new phone system to be a daunting task. The Managed Solutions Team at Komax can help make that transition much easier, so that you can focus on running your business. 

Modern software-based phone solutions allow you the flexibility to use a desk phone, PC, tablet, smartphone, or any combination of those as your business phone. Instant messaging, video calling/conferencing, and collaboration tools give you business capabilities that are designed to keep you operating optimally and at maximum productivity. 

Follow the links for more information about our different solutions: 

Cloud PBX with Webex  More Infomation
Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams  More Infomation


Common Business Benefits 

  •     Reduces Long Distance Costs 
  •     Redundancy is Built into the Network 
  •     Eliminates Onsite PBX Equipment 
  •     Reduces/Eliminates Traditional Telephone Lines 
  •     Provides Advanced Calling Features, Flexibility and Mobility 
  •     Three - or Four - Digit Dialing Everywhere 
  •     Local and National Phone Numbers Available 
  •     Reduce traditional communication costs (travel, phone bill) 

In addition to added features, our Hosted Phone Solutions can help reduce costs associated with traditional communication methods, such as travel and phone bills. Your business will also benefit from our best-in-class support you’ve become familiar with from our other products and services.  

6 Tell-Tale Signs that it is time to upgrade your phone system: 

  1. Does your business miss phone calls because the call is routed to an absent employee, or all the lines are busy? 
  2. Does your staff complain that your phone system is confusing because you have different phone systems at each location with features that don’t work the same? 
  3. Have you lost inbound or outbound calls due to network or equipment failure? 
  4. Have you received unexpected phone bills, confusing pricing structures, or high international calling costs? 
  5. Do your customers or remote workers complain of dropped calls when trying to reach people in the business? 
  6. Do you need to be in contact with your employees when they are travelling or working remotely? 

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