Hosted Voice Questionnaire

This questionnaire is intended to be used as one form of discovery for your phone needs. Please answer as many questions as possible. Some info may need to be gathered later. This questionnaire is only intended to be used as one form of discovery for your phone needs. A follow-up meeting will be required to verify additional info.

Your Contact Information
4. Do you currently have a VOIP phone system or IP phones?
-4a. Are you planning to keep your current phones if possible?
7. Do you want to transfer faxing to the new VOIP phone lines?
-8a. Would you like receptionists to have a sidecar to allow them to see an extra 28 lines at one time?
10. Would you like any premium licenses to allow video/phone conferencing options, or to allow users to have access to the Webex app and video conferencing system?
11. Do you require paging through an overhead system using your phones?
12. Do you have an intercom or door lock release activated by your current phone system?
13. Do you have a network cable drop at each location where a phone is needed? Phones can share a network connection with a computer, so an additional connection is not required.
18. Do you need any wall mounts for your phones?
19. Do you have a security system or fire alarm tied to any phone numbers so they can call out if they go off?