Managed IT

Building world-class IT infrastructures to grow your business comprehensive services, unparalleled support

It’s important to ensure that critical IT systems are always available to support core business functions, but maintaining IT systems with an in-house IT staff can be costly and leave you without expertise in the latest technologies.

All Covered has services to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. Our Managed IT Services provide regular management of systems and networks that keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. We'll build the right IT plan to optimize your business.


Why Hire an IT Services Firm? 10 Reasons to Consider

By outsourcing IT services, you free up your staff (and yourself) for revenue-generating opportunities and the business of the business. And, you can tap on-demand talent, depth of experience, ample resources and huge economies of scale at a lower cost compared to doing it in-house.

Even the most stable and patched IT systems can develop problems that need to be addressed. If any part of your organization’s IT systems develop a problem, we'll know about it immediately, often before you do. We’ll remotely access your organization’s IT systems and initiate remote support to address the problem. If the IT system issue needs to be addressed onsite, All Covered offers emergency onsite response support.


IT Help Desk

All Covered Help Desk support is available 24/7, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, to help your organization’s users with their IT support needs. When one of your IT users has a question or needs help with a program or device, they’ll have immediate access to technical support from All Covered engineers. Problems with technology can arise anywhere at any time. When one of your IT users has a question or needs help with a program or IT device, they’ll have immediate access to technical support regardless of whether it’s day or night. When users call our help desk, they can be sure to have their needs understood and addressed promptly.

We’re able to do this because our help desk is staffed in the United States by All Covered engineers who are held to the same standards as our engineers visiting your business site.

The Remote Support Center (RSC) is responsible for handling remote client requests for network and desktop issues that are of an urgent, same-day-resolution nature. To better serve your IT network needs, the RSC offers 24 hour a day, seven days a week coverage.

All Covered’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is the early warning system for your IT network. NOC technicians supervise clients' remote monitoring system for alerts that indicate trouble with servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and applications. If a problem is detected, technicians will assess the problem and perform basic troubleshooting.

In the event that All Covered engineers cannot take care of a problem remotely, our engineers will visit your organization to assess the problems and make system repairs.


Server and PC Management

Server and PC management and monitoring 24/7/365

All Covered offers comprehensive server and desktop management to pro-actively update, back up and manage all of your computers and servers remotely. Every aspect of the network is monitored so issues can be detected before causing a problem.


IT Strategy

All Covered’s engineers can help guide your business through the abundance of emerging technologies at your disposal and help plan a strategy that makes the most of your IT budget while addressing current and future technology needs and supporting your organization’s goals.


Server Backup Solutions

Server crashes can affect any business. Our server backup solution uses an easy-to-deploy dedicated local appliance that incorporates local backup, cloud backup, and object-level exchange restore, and offers a local and cloud server business continuity option.


All Covered Client Portal

With All Covered's client portal, you can schedule visits, submit and track help tickets online, and access upcoming scheduled support, client services reports, network diagrams and proposals. It is also used to view financial data such as billing statements, past and current invoices, and payment histories.


IT Support

Even the most stable and monitored IT systems can develop problems that need to be addressed. All Covered can remotely access your organization’s IT systems and initiate remote support to address problems as they arise. When remote support isn’t enough, our engineers are available for onsite visits to assess problems and make repairs.


The All Covered Approach

IT Planning | Systems Reliability | User Support | Data Protection

The service provides regular management of systems and networks that will keep your PCs, servers and network up and running so you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Any issues that emerge are responded to quickly. Your employees stay productive and your systems are protected, secure and available when you need them most.