Document Management Software

The Paperless Office

Did you know integrating core business applications can drastically increase your ROI?

It’s easier than ever before to save your bottom dollar AND increase efficiency by integrating your existing business applications with Ademero’s document management software and document scanning software solutions.

Whether you’re looking to reduce redundant data entry, capture content to or from other applications, view archived documents from another application, or capture data streams, we’ve got you covered.

Key Features

  • Quickly Locate Documents & Information
  • Easily Set Security Permissions
  • Access Documents From Anywhere Via Web Browser
  • Perform Quick Actions with Dashboard Widgets
  • Automatically Route & Approve with Workflows
  • Collaborate & Securely Share Documents
  • Audit with Document History & Versioning
  • Automatically Send Notification

DocRecord Prism Software

All-Inclusive Enterprise Content Management

DocRecord is an all-inclusive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform for automating the processing, storage, and retrieval of documents, content, emails and data.

Simply priced by the concurrent user.

Key Features

  • Lower costs through automated processing and workflow
  • Instant access to documents and content anywhere, any time
  • Significant improvement in employee and customer response times
  • Documents and content instantly searchable and accessible from both mobile and desktop
  • Automated recognition and filing of documents into correct folders with extracted metadata
  • Customizable automated workflow processes replace manual document processes
  • Automated accounting, HR, legal and other departmental documents processing
  • Easy data capture and workflow processing with eForms
  • Auto-fill of forms from eForms data capture
  • Access DocRecord data from other line-of-business applications
  • Automated extraction of data from imported documents

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