FPi 6700 Folder Inserter

Full DataSheet and Specs: 2022_FPi6700_CutSheet_0.pdf995.5 KB

Standard Features

  • Process multiple sized documents in a job
  • Process stapled sets
  • Can process glossy, pre-folded, and perforated media
  • Divert before folding, divert after inserting
  • Bottom addresses
  • Piece counter per job
  • Load envelopes and media on-the fly


  • 1D Linear Barcode Reading (BCR)
  • 2D Barcode Reading (Data matrix, QR, others)
  • Optical Mark Reading (OMR)
  • FlexStream Software
  • Customizable Smart Feeders, MaxiFeeder, VersaFeeder
  • Side Exit Catch Tray
  • Postage Machine Interface
  • Custom Consoles