Basic Copy Overview

Your panel is divided into several sections, see below for detailed explanations of each function


If you have a color machine, your machine is normally defaulted to copy in black, your default can be changed to color by your administrator.

  • Auto Color: This setting allows the machine to distinguish if your pages are color or black and bills accordingly. Color is more expensive than black. This is best option when copying In color
  • Full Color: machine does not distinguish and will bill for color copies even if they are black
  • 2 Color: allows you to choose between 6 colors and will flip any color on the page to the color that you choose but any black on the page will stay black, tap the select color button for options.
  • Single Color: Allows you to choose the color that you want the entire document copied in weather your original is black or color.


You can adjust and make your copy darker or lighter.


Your copier is set to auto paper, which means if you run your original through the document feeder or on the glass the copier will automatically detect the size (5 ½ by 8 ½, 8 ½ by 11, 8 ½ by 14 and 11 x17). You can also pull from the bypass (tray on the side). To pull from a specific tray highlight the tray by touching it. If you need to run a special paper such as thick, tabs or do a custom size please see “special paper instructions” section of this book.


  • 50 and 200 percent are the most common selections. You can tweak the percentage by tapping zoom tab at bottom of screen. Use the – or + key to change the percentage.
  • There are preset buttons that allow you to reduce or enlarge by paper size’s. For example you can reduce legal to letter by selecting 8 ½ by 14 > 8 ½ by 11.
  • You can manually key in your own percentage by tapping the zoom button and key in the percentage from the key pad. You can also create a XY zoom which allows you to stretch your print horizontal or vertical by different percentages.


  • 1-sided >1 sided-default, put one page in get one page out
  • 1-sided>2 sided-takes two single-sided originals and creates a double sided copy
  • 2-sided >1 sided-takes a two sided original a breaks it out to 2 singles
  • 2-sided>2 sided-takes a double sided original and creates a 2 sided copy

COMBINE-good paper saver, takes multiple pages (2,4, or 8) and reduces and prints on to one page. Can also be used with duplexing.


Your copier should be set up to automatically sort and offset. if you do not have a finisher you can do a criss-cross sort.

As long as you have two 8 ½ by 11 paper trays turned portrait and one turned landscape the copier will place the finished sets turned one way and the next turned the other so that you don’t have to manually collate.

  • CORNER STAPLE - there is a short cut on the right side of your screen. Looks like a piece of paper with a staple in the corner. Most models can staple 50 copies together.
  • FINISHING - allows you to choose other stapling options such as 2 on side, fold and staple, tri fold and half fold if you have a folding finisher. Just a reminder, you have to have landscape paper loaded in order to fold and staple, half or tri-fold.

You also have hole punch options from here (2 or 3 hole punch). You can staple and hole punch at the same time if need be.


  • TXT - select if your document is all text
  • TXT/PHOTO - this is your default
  • TXT/PHOTO PRINTED - text with a picture of a picture
  • TXT/PHOTO PHOTO PAPER - text with an actual photo
  • PHOTO PRINTED - picture of a picture, like a driver’s license or pic out of a book)
  • PHOTO PHOTO PAPER - actual picture
  • DOT MATRIX – makes your copy darker
  • MAP - if you are copying maps it makes the lines brighter